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Defining Excellence

Why Steve?

No Defects: When hiring me to represent them, each and every client wants me to be sure that I do not make a mistake. They need me to minimize their risk and within my control make sure nothing is missed during the transaction.

Timeliness: Time can be just as valuable of a resource as money. I am equally as committed to your success with regards to protecting your time. Whether it is negotiating closing timelines, showing up to appointments promptly or making sure there are no delays in the process due to variables in my control, it is imperative that your time is respected.

Care & Respect: My business is completely dependent on your advocacy and willingness to communicate to your friends and family about the high level of customer service you receive. In order for you to feel confident to make that endorsement I believe the foundational cornerstone of that action is respect. It is paramount that I provide leadership throughout a transaction, demonstrate a high level of competency and to communicate honestly and often.

Other than these three main principles clients have told me they require these additional items were important for people. These are all things I provide for my clients:

  • Keep my clients focused on their goals throughout their transaction.
  • Provide a 360 degree perspective about the transaction for my clients, whether that is about searching for homes, coordinating timelines and most importantly during negotiations.
  • Stay connected and relational during and after the transaction.
  • Provide enthusiasm and optimism about the real estate market and their home.
  • Whether they are buying or selling a home, clients want comprehensive market history about a home and community.
  • Constant property updates.
  • Provide leadership as they are making a decision related to real estate.
  • Information and perspective they couldn’t find out on a website themselves.
  • Respond back to their emails, text messages and voice messages promptly.
  • Knowledge and experience as it relates to their real estate needs.