FFrom time to time life slows down enough in the midst of our frantic schedules to be genuinely authentic with another human being. Maybe it is with a family member, a close friend or simply someone whose heart resonates with yours. Either way in those transparent moments that is when I find the greatest joy in life.

As a real estate professional, each and every day I engage countless conversations with other people about their hopes, fears, pains, struggles and successes. The reason why I am so passionate about my job is because I appreciate the role I play in helping another person through the experience of buyer or selling a home. There is an innate level of trust and vulnerability when doing a real estate transaction. I have never settled for mediocrity in life and I am proud to say that I have never done that during my real estate career. With that said, I choose to go above the basic transaction level and strive to develop purposeful, enduring relationships by investing in people.

Compass-Leadership-300x299Even though each person brings their own circumstances and situations in to the real estate transaction, there is a common thread that is always constant. All clients are thirsting for their real estate agent to provide leadership. It is critical that I be proactive, constant, innovative and most importantly to communicate honestly throughout all aspects of the transaction.

I aspire to define the standard of customer service in the real estate industry throughout the greater Portland area.  Throughout the process of exceeding my clients expectations I would greatly appreciate your reviews and recommendations to any you come across that is thinking of buying and selling a home.

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