Short Sale – Are You In Trouble Financially?

The real estate market traditionally goes through cycles. They go up and they go down. Unfortunately there are times when homeowners need to see their home and they may be in a financial deficiency. What should they do? Traditionally they call their real estate agent for advice. The problem with that scenario is that though the real estate agent is more than qualified to see the property what does that mean to you financially once the home is sold. That is why I strongly recommend the “TEAM” approach.

Making a decision as to whether or not you sell your home as a short sale is a decision you cannot make lightly. The ramifications are massive if you make a mistake and too often real estate agents are willing to jump into the fry and play attorney or financial planner when they are not qualified to do so. That is dangerous territory from my perspective.

Please contact me the moment you are in trouble financially and let my team step in and help you assess the situation. Metro Mortgage Consulting is a third-party Loss Negotiator. They are licensed with the State of Oregon and are willing to assess your situation for FREE. I will be there to support you through the process and once you are done you should be able to walk away with a game plan that makes sense for you. I have had clients walk away armed with the ability to keep their home and to get out of dept. I have had people elect to not sell their home as a short sale, but actually to foreclose on their property because of the financial benefits by doing so. Finally I have had clients electing to move forward by doing a short sale, but they understand why they are doing so. That is such a relief to so many of my clients.SOS

Metro Mortgage Consulting works as a facilitator between the Bank(s), the seller, the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent to help negotiate a Short Sales. They are only paid if they can successfully help close the Short Sale and are paid out of the proceeds of the transaction (typically not you as the seller). Traditionally their services are paid by the buyer or the bank themselves.

Bill Kimmer is the Managing Member of Metro Mortgage Consulting and he will be in the person communicating with you on our first appointment. Bill has over 25 years of Loss Mitigation experience. He was a Vice President of a $200 Million company with 75 locations in 5 western states. He was in charge of negotiating annual Insurance renewals, retentions and dividends. He was the chief negotiator representing the Company in numerous Fire, General Liability and Worker Compensation claims. Bill was also in charge of the company’s $20 million Credit Program. He was the chief negotiator on all the companies Liens and Judgments.

Metro Mortgage is a Debt Management Service Provider which is bonded and registered with the State of Oregon (Registration #DM 80067). Metro Mortgage is disclosing that they are not attorneys or certified public accountants. You are advised to consult with any of these professionals with regard to any specific questions you may have relative to these areas of expertise to include foreclosures.

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